Bytelogic Technologies- Web Designing

Web designs include several different principles and skills in the process of production and maintenance of the website. The different features of web design comprise:

• Web graphic design

• Interface design- authorizing which involves standardized code and proprietary software

• User experience design

• Search engine optimization

The whole process of web design is categorized as:


The most important stage of web design is planning because what is chosen and penned down during this process set the base for the whole project. It is that point when you will be interacting with a client a lot and require paying a lot of attention.

This stage comprises:

- Analysis

- Project charter

- Site map

- Contract stating the copyright, roles, and financial details

- Access to required servers and set up folder structure

- Finalize the required software and other resources such fonts, photography, etc.


This stage basically includes transferring the outlined information gained in the stage of planning into reality. The main deliverables in this stage are documented site structure and visual representation. During this stage the designing phase almost takes its shape.

This stage comprises of:

- Planning of wireframe and design factors

- Mock-ups depending on the analysis

- Review and cycle of approval

- Divide and code valid XHTML/CSS


This stage includes a huge load of programming work and content loading. Keeping the code organized and commented and it requires you to check up with the details of planning.

The stage comprises of:

- Set up development framework

- Code template for each web page

- Develop and test features and interactivity

- Include the content

- Test and validate and functionality


The main aim of this stage is to build the website so that people can view it. This would need final touching of the designing areas, testing of features and interactivity, and consider the user experience.

This stage comprises of:

- Polishing

- Transfer to live server

- Testing Process

- Final cross-browser check

When it comes to web designing, we offer exceptional services with an approach that is simple and effective. When you make a website, one must be able to access it on any device they want, and it should look appealing on each of the devices. It is the same approach that Bytelogic follows when it comes to website development. We have an excellent team of designers who believe in taking a new challenge every day. With every project, we do something innovative along with using the latest technology and tool to design an efficient website that helps the business grow.

Of course, you would want a customized website that would reflect the personality of your business. Don’t worry; we understand that different clients have different requirement and we are providing each of our clients with exactly what they came here looking for.

We believe that with little creative we can make something extraordinary and over the year our creative website designing skills have managed to impress many clients from all around the world and now have created a strong client base. Whether you are a small business owner or an established one we will help you build an effective static as well as dynamic website according to your requirement.

At Bytelogic Technologies we offer best Website design Arizona that would help the clients grow their business online. We take enough time to get to know our clients and make sure that we cater to their every need. Our services aren't limited to a particular geographical boundary; we offer web design ArizonaWebsite design Louisiana, Web design California, Connecticut,ArizonaHawaii, etc.

If you lack the needed visual appeal, slow loading speed, the mobile site isn’t properly optimized, or have a confusing call to action or message services; you are basically giving a strong opportunity to your competitors to take the lead. When you collaborate with us, we make sure we provide you with the best Web design Arizona solutions that would help you stay ahead in the market.